Hi there! We are Evy Tea and we are a Boston based Cold Brew Tea company. Evy means life, and at Evy Tea, we inspire to change the face of tea as you know it.


Young entrepreneur Evy Chen launched Evy Tea in 2014 when she saw something missing from the RTD category. Evy grew up in China’s Southeast tea country which is known to be the Sonoma for tea. She saw an opportunity to take a centuries-old product and reinvent it by blending old with new.

By cold brewing her tea, she was able to remove bitterness and create a smoother, more naturally sweet cold beverage that didn’t need all the sugar that was being poured into typical “iced tea” drinks. She also felt that tea could be far more versatile than how it is traditionally seen. Driven by a passion for ingenuity and experimentation, Evy and her team began to play with the flavors of tea, fruit, herbs, and spices to create new flavor combinations that were refreshing and truly unique. She launched Evy Cold Brew Tea in 2014, and created a whole new category in the RTD industry.

Evy’s continually evolving teas have broad appeal — they can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, at any time. They turn
traditional tea culture on its head and create an alternative beverage for a new generation turning away from soda and
sugary drinks, and looking for a cold drink with interesting flavors that appeal to the senses, that feel good, and that are
good for them.

We believe tea isn’t just a drink, but an experience. While coffee is typically seen as a functional drink used to get
you going, tea is a drink that is sipped slowly and enjoyed as it accompanies you in your day. We create teas that
please your eyes, nose, and taste buds. They have gorgeous clarity; layers of notes from teas, fruits, herbs, and spices;
and delicately playful flavors that are engaging and fun. And we’re never done creating. We listen to customers and
continually push, reinvent, and rethink things in order to make our products better, more unique, and more enjoyable.