Evy Tea on Tap

Evy Tea on Tap Program

EvyTea on Tap is a new and unique program for corporate offices, co-working spaces, and foodservice. It is an economical way to give your employees and members healthy beverage alternatives that taste good, feels good, and are good for you through kegerators. Our program is made to be fun and engaging year round with flavor combinations that are refreshing and truly unique to keep your employees happy, healthy and engaged. We handle everything from equipment, setup, delivery, and maintenance. You just pay for the tea :)

Cold Brew Tea | Cold Brew Coffee | Kombucha

The perfect solution for your corporate office or cafe. Our cold brew tea on tap is an efficient and smart solution that brings your tea program to another level. As part of our keg program, we also supply cold brew coffee and kombucha.

Major Benefits:
-Super clean ingredients
-Less Caffeine
-Less Sugar
-Less Acidic
-No Bitterness
-More Antioxidants
-More L-Theanine (found in Tea)

Cold Brew Tea Flavors

-Cold Brew Green Tea
-Cold Brew Matcha
-Cold Brew Black Tea Strawberry
-Cold Brew Half & Half
-Cold Brew Chamomile Lavender
-Cold Brew Hibiscus