Meet Evy

Evy Chen, Founder

Evy Chen was born into a revolutionist family in Southeast China often called the Sonoma of tea. While raised in a culture with very traditional values, her parents encouraged her to explore her creativity. She grew to be curious, expressive, and free-spirited. They soon realized she was a wild card. At age three, Evy rallied fellow kindergarteners to escape to the playground during nap time. As she advanced in the Chinese education system, she had a hard time fitting in. Worried her creativity and inventive nature would be held back, her parents sent her abroad to Europe to study at age 15.

In 2010, Evy decided to move to Boston to attend Emerson College, where she would eventually win her school’s start-up competition with her idea for Evy Tea.

Her idea was born when she discovered that America’s obsession with sugar had turned the tea she knew and loved into something found in the junk food aisle, often containing more sugar than a can of soda. If it wasn’t too sweet, it was bitter and flavorless. She saw the opportunity to infuse American culture with a new kind of tea – one made from inspiration, ingenuity, and the beautiful, authentic flavors that are possible if one knew how to tease them out.

Evy’s experience the heart of tea culture combined with her creative and entrepreneurial spirit led her to found Evy Tea in 2014 to bring her vision to fruition. She launched the first cold-brew tea brand in America, a totally new category in the RTD industry when she was 26 years old.

Evy has been recognized nationally both for her entrepreneurship and her tea craftsmanship. Her awards have included first place at the North American Tea Championship, The Boston Globe’s 25 Under 25 Innovative Leaders, and Zagat’s 30 Under 30 Culinary Industry Game Changers. Recently, Forbes named Evy as one of the immigrant entrepreneurs poised to shake up the U.S. culinary landscape.