Culture & Values

What We Believe

We believe tea isn’t just a drink, but an experience.

While coffee is typically seen as functional drink used to get you going, tea is a drink that is sipped slowly and enjoyed as it accompanies you in your day. We create teas that please your eyes, nose, and taste buds. They have gorgeous clarity, layers of notes from teas, fruits, herbs, and spices, and a delicately playful flavors that are engaging and fun.

We’re never done creating. We listen to customers, and continually push and reinvent and rethink in order to make our products better, more unique, and more enjoyable.

Our Culture

Evy means life...and living it authentically -- and to your best, brightest, sweetest potential.

We are excited by change, adventure, and the all of the great possibilities of what is yet to come. Our culture that is open, inclusive, optimistic, and fun. We invite our employees to share in our vision and to grow with us.

We invite all customers of all walks of life simply to share in the joy of tea. Everyone at Evy Tea works together to build the business, continually improve the product, and continually strive to be the very best in the industry.